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Stay In Touch With Being Zen

Quicksilver for Mac users, Autohotkey for PCs. For example, we all have documents, programs, folders and websites we go to frequently — set up a hotkey to open them with a keystroke. It takes a little learning to figure out how to set these up but you can Google tutorials , and to set up each hotkey might take a couple minutes.

You can go beyond these hotkeys for more powerful combinations, such as a hotkey to email something or resize a photo or do a thousand other things — I have probably a dozen or so I use regularly that save me hours when you add them all up over the course of a month. Keyboard shortcuts for email. By using shortcuts for opening, sending, filing, searching and navigating through emails, you can work through a batch of emails in no time.

And if you add shortcuts via Quicksilver or AutoHotkey for commonly used text or signatures, you can zip through your replies faster than I can go through a batch of Oreos. Email filters. Let your email program do your work for you. I use Gmail filters, but programs such as Outlook or Mail. Learn to use them and set up filters for your most common emails. For example, I get certain stats and financial reports relating to my work that I have labeled and filed by a filter, so that they never see the light of my inbox.

I also use filters to automatically delete emails from people who send me chain and joke emails harsh, I know, but I get tired of those , and to file notifications from services like Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and other services. Limit IM, Twitter, forums, other social stuff. You can spend all day chatting with others, or Twittering or going on online forums or social media.

And while all of these tools have good uses, they can take up too much of your time if you let them. Set limits for yourself — say one hour a day to do all of these things, at a certain block of time in your schedule. Stop worrying about filing. So I do this with everything: files on my hard drive, documents in Google Docs and Spreadsheets, other types of online files. And my filing time has been reduced to almost zero — while I used to spend lots of time filing each day.

Keep things clutter-free. How does it save time? It makes things easier to find, easier to clean, easier to navigate, and reduces wasted time reshuffling, sorting, looking through, and clearing away piles of clutter. Keep things in their place. It takes a few seconds to do that, and saves time cleaning up later, looking for things how many times have you lost something and searched long and hard for it?

Teach kids to clean up after themselves. Make it a game!

Find Your Zen: Meditation for Busy People - 17 JUI

With six kids, this has saved us countless hours of cleaning up after our kids. Prep the night before. Instead, create an evening routine where you get everything ready the night before, so you can start your day off right. This might not technically save time, but it gives you more time in the morning to focus on getting important things done rather than rushing through your routine. I personally have wasted entire days watching TV, so I know what a big time-hole television can be.

Instead, limit your TV viewing time — maybe an hour a day? Plan your weekly menu. First, you can go grocery shopping and get everything you need all at once — in fact, if you repeat the weekly menu the next week, you can do two weeks of shopping in one trip. Second, you can prepare food ahead of time see next item , and pack your lunch easily for work. Cook big batches. I like to make large batches of food, which is especially helpful when you have a big family.

Do all your errands at once. Write your errands on an errands list throughout the week, and do them all on one day.

Plan your route so you do the least amount of driving possible, and get it all done quickly. Compared to running multiple errand trips, this method saves a lot of time. Do your banking online, all at once. Clean in one big rush.

A 6-Day Course for Health, Happiness, and Peace

Get your workouts done in no time. Create your own circuits with different exercises, or look for similar challenges online to mix things up. Keep a great big calendar. My family stays organized with a big calendar on our fridge which I also manually sync with Gcal because I like Gcal. Everything goes on our calendar: parties, meetings, school events, soccer games, music lessons, birthdays, volunteering dates, and so on.

Get a babysitter or swap babysitting. Consider hiring someone. You, the busy you, running through this life, trying to find Happiness.

Home Zen: Spring Cleaning for Busy People

A happiness that is too busy to let itself be found so easily. What is Zen? Zen is nothing and at the same time it is everything. Zen is simply finding the happiness inside and not looking for it outside. Now, let me tell you a secret. All that you need to gift yourself is 15 minutes each day. Can you do this? Try it for a period and see the results. Living on this planet, Here and Now, is an art. Transform your busy life into an art. Are you too busy to enjoy your life? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter!

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Stay In Touch With Being Zen

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Zen for Busy People Zen for Busy People
Zen for Busy People Zen for Busy People
Zen for Busy People Zen for Busy People
Zen for Busy People Zen for Busy People
Zen for Busy People Zen for Busy People

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