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Become a Master Storyteller: Why Telling Stories Can Make You Magnetic in Meetings

Five Byte Stories

The next Colorado pecha kucha event is at p. There are the performance tales told by Stories On Stage, a Denver project of themed short story and novel excerpts read by professional actors. Daniel Weinshenker runs the Denver Center for Digital Storytelling, a nonprofit organization that teaches how to use digital media to tell stories. A novice might show up for the basic three-day workshop with little or no understanding of creating a digital storyclueless even about programs as basic as PowerPoint — and leaves with a competent 3-minute video about a particularly telling moment or episode.

A: In , I attended the digital storytelling festival in Crested Butte.

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Then I went to California and took their workshop. I came back here and opened the first satellite Center for Digital Storytelling. A: We do public workshops every two months; people sign up and pay for those in advance.

We go to other countries and in places here, too, train people to do this work in their communities. We go to other countries and train staff to be facilitators. Tell me the story about that person, that place, that time, that situation that no one else can tell, or depends on your viewpoint or experience. How did you feel then? Most of us will associate more with a story and it can help us to understand messages. If I were to talk to you about a recent holiday using a formal tone in a list of bullet points like this….

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Would you feel excited and want to visit Poland or would you forget about our conversation five minutes later? Would you think I was someone you really wanted to go on holiday with or would you think I was deadly boring?

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The second example is how we speak as humans. The first example is how we approach most business meetings — leaving people bored and uninspired. Those that are magnetic in meetings often take that conversational, personable approach and bring their messages to life through stories, whatever the content and circumstances.

How Do You Eat a Big Data Elephant? One “Byte” at a Time.

To help you compose captivating stories that will woo your audience, follow these five story telling tips;. Most industries have their own terminology — doctors, lawyers, builders, and science teachers — but if someone starts to speak to you using their specific industry vocabulary, do you listen? Do you understand? Find a simple jargon free story.

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Using I makes it personable and relatable. Editing team? If you yawn your audience will yawn. If you feel inspired and energised by your content you audience will feel the same. Use humour and laughter. Bring your stories to life by threading people and images into your story.

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Describe rather than explain. Story editing was completed just days before Christmas, , and BYTE hosted showcases in both countries to celebrate the end of the term. Afterwards, they watched the stories from across the border, writing down notes and comments to be transported and given to their friends on the other side.

As menacing as it is for the larger body-politic to malign border communities and mischaracterize them as dangerous and violent, the potential harm is even more insidious when communities that live only miles apart are separated by fear, anxiety, and mistrust. BYTE hopes to show through the stories that a child playing tennis or learning to use digital tools looks very similar, whether in Mexico or Arizona.

We feel the type of self-reflection that Yaiza displayed can go a long way toward healing physical and emotional divides that hurt border communities and distract from compassionate solutions. BYTE will continue to connect kids and use its programs to highlight truthful border stories. We aim to be a platform for border residents to more accurately paint and distribute pictures of their lives.

We believe that sports and learning are non-partisan, universal concepts; and, as divisive as border politics can often seem, it is important to remember the names and faces of the young people that represent the future of these communities.

Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories
Five Byte Stories Five Byte Stories

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