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You are valued. You are gifted. You belong. And you are compatible, harmonious with Christian teaching. You are welcome and you belong. Weber offered pictures on the large screens of her own baptism as a child. She showed pictures of local churches in which some have baptismal fonts and others that do not. In many churches, she said, the baptismal font is hidden away only to be brought out at baptism. Weber called for a time of remembering baptism. The waters to break. And the spirit to descend. She recalled walking into a church during Lent where there was a dry baptismal font.

When was the last time you touched the waters? One must pass by it as they enter the church. As Rev. Waters will be there until full liberation of all.

District Committee on Ordained Ministry

She said that after General Conference, the PNW had begun to receive contacts from clergy in other conferences who were worried about their clergy status because of division over theology. The Bishop said the Conference has let it be known to clergy outside the PNW that they can find safe harbor here.

She said some clergy are concerned they do not fit in with other conferences and the provisions of the new additions to the Book of Discipline. She invited financial support for those clergy seeking safe harbor in the PNW. The Bishop and Rev. Weber then baptized baby Madeline Grace Stanton-Nurse. It was a joyful and touching family celebration marking generations of clergy. Wes Stanton and Rev.

Pat Simpson, are clergy. Opening worship concluded with a spirited hymn rendition affirming unity and the end of oppression of all people. Written by Patrick Scriven on June 5, The conference will also have its first opportunity to meet its new Chancellor, Attorney Molly Gabel. In , Pritchard was invited into a role that would place him in service to the church through decades which would see significant changes both inside and outside of it. In an interview filmed by the Rev.

In our denomination, a Conference Chancellor serves as legal counsel for the Annual Conference. To be a Chancellor, one needs to be both a practicing lawyer and a member in good standing of a local church or annual conference within the episcopal area.

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Given the dramatic actions of the General Conference and the conversations about various pathways forward, the role of Chancellor has never been more important. She earned her J. She currently lives with her husband in West Seattle. Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky has had many opportunities to witness firsthand the value of a strong Conference Chancellor. With Molly as chancellor, and Llew offering his support as Chancellor Emeritus, the legal interests of the conference are in a strong position. Written by Patrick Scriven on June 4, Leave a Comment. To get coverage of the events of each day, visit the Updates section on the Annual Conference Sessions website.

We will stream worship services and plenary sessions as they happen. Click here to view the channel when we are live. The future course of United Methodism and the impact of General Conference actions will be the topic of several reports and conversations during the session. Marie Kuch-Stanovsky and Rev. Mary Huycke will deliver their report on General Conference on Friday morning.

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A first-round of Table Talk Conversations and a Town Hall are planned later in the day to allow members opportunities to prayerfully consider these reports and ask questions about potential pathways forward. On Saturday morning, members will divide into two Focus Sessions to perfect several dozen petitions submitted to the Annual Conference for its consideration.

Several resolutions responding to General Conference , a request to establish a Special Sunday to support the Alaska Conference, and the institution a formal bereavement leave, are among at least 27 petitions members will consider. You can also view conference materials, including legislative updates and worship materials, on the Downloads page.

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During the conference, members will also elect five clergy and five lay delegates to the Western Jurisdictional Conference , and three alternates each to the same. The Pacific Northwest Conference elected its delegates and first-reserve delegates to the General Conference last year. Throughout the weekend, members and guests will be blessed with three opportunities to be in prayer and worship together. A Greater Northwest Area-wide team supported by the Rev. Grace Cajiuat, a worship consultant from the Wisconsin Annual Conference, has been prayerfully planning each service.

Carlo Rapanut, Alaska Conference Superintendent, will offer the message during a Memorial Service on Saturday evening where we will remember significant passings over the past year. On this day where the Church also remembers Pentecost, members and guests will invite the Spirit to join them in blessing these new leaders and in sending all out to bring the Gospel of life to the communities God has embedded us in. In many ways, this conference will be like others where there have been outstanding worship services, plenaries, ordinations, retirements, and the opportunity to lend your vote to key decisions.

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  • It is also a time of reunion and reconnection. Yet this conference will be different because The United Methodist Church, and the Pacific Northwest Conference are in a new place; we are facing new challenges ahead. While some of you are experienced members, others are new.

    For all laity attending conference , we are inviting you to a laity reception and orientation. New Lay Members will learn about their role at conference , how everything works and what they can look forward to experiencing. Experienced Lay Members will have a chance to meet and share your wisdom with the new members and other lay members in the room. Everyone will receive a brief overview of conference, have a chance to meet and greet one another and enjoy some refreshments, as we yet again prepare to gather.

    Written by Patrick Scriven on May 31, We who serve the God of love are called to speak justice, offer welcome, and engage in liberation with those who have been historically marginalized and oppressed. Please use the following resources to foster more equity and inclusion in your Annual Conference. Love Resources: Just. Love Statement and Prayer Just. Written by Patrick Scriven on May 29, However it happens, we arrive at the moment of awareness that God loves us, even us, just as we are, broken and imperfect.

    God loves us so much that God came to be with us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ to show us how to become love. And in the very moment that we say yes, we are justified, or set right and made clean. Sanctifying Grace. God pursues us through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, working within us as individuals and as the body of Christ to open our hearts to love more, to open our minds to know more of love, and to open our hands to give more and to accept love from others.

    Throughout the rest of our lives, the love that is God will work within us through the power of the Holy Spirit, helping us become more like Jesus the Christ. Through this relationship, we are sanctified, or made holy. We are freed from slavery to sin missing the mark and freed for deeper, more powerful love of God and neighbor. This is the ongoing work of sanctifying grace. Beloved Community. Each individual and community that says yes to God is engaged in this lifelong process of sanctification.

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    It is critical, however, to remember that love exists only in relationship and that we are human—not God. Saying yes does not mean we are perfect or that we will never sin again. To truly grow in grace, to become like Christ, we need to practice; we need reminders; we need to confess our failures and receive forgiveness; we need to celebrate our victories; we need to study; we need to share the gift of love with others in words and actions.

    Most important we need one another—Christian community that encourages and challenges, that rejoices and weeps together, and that welcomes us in to heal and learn and sends us out to serve and spread the love of God throughout. We are not alone. We are surrounded and embraced by the love of God the Creator; justified through the selfless life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ; made one with Christ and with one another through the persistent, powerful work of the Holy Spirit; called to loving community in our present journey to become Christ in and for the world, and in our future hope of oneness with God.

    At our best. God loves us completely before we know it.

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    That love, that grace, is a free gift offered to all people. One God creates in love, saves us for the sake of love, and renews us through love. We follow three simple rules. These General Rules have governed Methodists from the beginning of the movement:. Though these rules may be simple to say, they are not easy to follow. We need one another and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit to guide, motivate, and help us remember to keep it simple and keep our focus on God.

    We are a connected community.

    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism
    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism
    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism
    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism
    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism
    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism
    Free Methodist Handbook:  Baptism Free Methodist Handbook: Baptism

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