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Comments are like good friends, the more the merrier! Get your spook on! Ten authors share their scary stories and give out Halloween treats. Check back here on November 2nd to see a list of winners. Now for my creep-a-riffic question:. And now, here are our spooktacular books!

Heather's Heartlanders:

Ari and her friends find themselves in an independent spy school in Belgium, Bresen Academy. Test scores reveal her true abilities and the director wants to send her onto to more advanced training school immediately. She is given a two week reprieve to explore the school's training program and hopefully make amends with both Reese and Marybeth. Despite her lack of advanced training, the director convinces Ari she would be the best fit for a mission that surfaces in Prague with a group calling themselves Division Less than a decade after Sillyvision closed down, a series of twisted killings catches the attention of several parties.

While the C3 crew is recruited to become magical boys and a magical girl , Joey and his team track down a trio of escaped criminals. Russell, Andre, Cynthia, and Wesley: four apparently ordinary teenagers who have entered Sillyvision Studios My 50th story in the Inky Tales series. Warning: Some details change during 'Rise and Fall'. What if the dark hallways and hostile monsters were an illusion? What if we just couldn't see what they really looked like? Henry and Boris are undercover in Gehenna, trying to find out why prisoners have been disappearing.

Between demon sorcerers, ancient powers, and other strangeness, things are about to take a strange turn at Sillyvision Studios.

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Sometimes, you have to hurt the ones you care about in order to protect them. Joey Drew knows this all too well. An alternate take on the dark denizens of the studio, with a greater focus on the implied Satanism aspects of the game. Even if a character remains only a concept, his essence can still be used for Another piece of Henry's past comes to light, as several former colleagues turn out to have become like him.

It was a long time ago, with the animations fresh, The artists did their best to keep up with all the rest. After long nights of work, with so little time to rest, They brought to life a demon which brought them great success.

Black Spider-Man [Monster]

He turned their luck around, bringing success to the workshop. And soon, they felt a movie could push them further towards the top.

Two versions they created--one horrific, one cartoony. But during the production, there were times when things got loony. A scenario detailing my Ink Clones AU framework. Because if Boris can have a bunch of clones, why not the others?

Cozy Chicks: The NOT So Inky Dinky Spider

Not long after escaping with Bendy and pals, Henry calls a meeting to figure out what do do about the studio. Henry and friends have found their way to Columbia in search of the missing Joey Drew. But if they wish to find him, they'll need a little liquid power. Note: For best effect, imagine this to be a scene for an animated film, particularly in regards to the song. Joey Drew's creations have ways of keeping themselves occupied while waiting for the humans to come back. After surviving a plane crash, two brothers find an underwater city and begin an adventure they never dreamed of.

A magical mirror refracts Bendy and pals, sending them across multiple worlds in which their lives take a drastic turn. The Toons were searching for Joey's old employees.


The ones they found instead After all she's been through, Alice won't let herself be bound by what her creator wants any longer. For greater effect, imagine that she's manipulating ink as she sings, and that at one point, she removes the twisted half of her face--actually a mask.

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A set of stories involving a little witch Toon named Greta. Some are based on canon, others on alternate universes albeit modified as necessary with regards to the safety list.

The crew of the Adena Avis, the Martillo family, and their comrades were not the only ones to become immortal over the years. There have been others, including a band of individuals who once worked on a cartoon featuring a dancing demon. After getting out of the studio, Henry and the Toons attend a memorial for those lost to Joey's insanity.

Wishing for the impossible is just human nature. Boris could have formed a new body after Henry turned the Ink Machine on, but he just couldn't let Sammy get killed. What if there was a 'previous generation' of employees at Sillyvision? And what if they were the ones Joey used in his evil scheme? Henry wasn't the only one altered by the machine. Let's look at what happened to the others over the decades.

The monsters who once resided in Joey Drew Studios have been revived as Toons in Bendy's world, and at their welcome party, they decided to give a little performance, starting with a song praising the Ink Demon The Leader has resurfaced, and with the Avengers preoccupied, it's up to Force Works to put a stop to his plans. Happy Walpurgis Night! Guess Steam thought today would be a more appropriate release date for C4.

My take on a trailer for a live-action Bendy and the Ink Machine movie. If you have any suggestions for the cast, leave them in the comments. First Henry escaped the Toons who abducted him as a kid. Now he's getting out of a prison, accompanied by another band of Toons. You are welcome to submit prompts in your reviews, as long as you do not ask me to violate the safety list found in the description for Inky Tales. On their way to the Sillyvision Survivors Reunion, four ex-employees pick up a heavenly passenger.

At the Sillyvision Survivors reunion, the group gets a surprise when the former music director arrives. Nine of Henry's former Sillyvision coworkers escape the attacking Brotherhood, with some help from the World's Strangest Heroes.

Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider
Inky, the Icky Black Spider Inky, the Icky Black Spider

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