The PsiCATs 1- Cale

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These include a non-programmable calculator, an E6B flight computer, and a plotter or straight edge if the other equipment being used to do include those items. Graphing calculators, like the TI, TI, and TI are not allowed for usage during the tests due to their ability and capacity to store contents in its onboard memory.

Magnifying lenses are also allowed. Drinks, excluding alcohol, are allowed. Examples of devices that are not allowed include all phones, watches, computers, tablets.

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If it can be used to store notes, communicate, or connect to the internet it is not allowed. These fees are assessed when taking the test as an initial attempt, as retake for a higher score, and after failure.

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Cash, Check, Visa, and MasterCard are acceptable forms of payment. Payment can be made at the time of registration.

If you need help with directions check this out this link. Do you provide FAA Testing? Yes, we provide FAA Testing! Do I need to schedule a written test?

Books by Chrystal Wynd (Author of A Little Knowledge)

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The PsiCATs 1- Cale

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Books by Chrystal Wynd (Author of A Little Knowledge)

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The PsiCATs 1- Cale The PsiCATs 1- Cale
The PsiCATs 1- Cale The PsiCATs 1- Cale
The PsiCATs 1- Cale The PsiCATs 1- Cale
The PsiCATs 1- Cale The PsiCATs 1- Cale
The PsiCATs 1- Cale The PsiCATs 1- Cale

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