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This comedy is about H. His wife absolutely steals the show at the end of the first episode. This Australian audio fiction is a delightful exploration of the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy through the eyes of a mother as she takes walks with her baby. Fitzroy has undergone heavy gentrification, but the roots are still there in her neighbors and in their experiences. This 3-part audio drama is a closed room story, between a man who receives an interview for a promotion and the supervisor who actually turns out to be the Devil.

Closed room stories are some of my favorites, and some of the hardest to pull off, but the dialogue here is snappy and concise enough to keep the tension on throughout all three episodes. Past Bedtime Studios comes with the story of Philip as he tries to trek homeward in a climate change apocalypse, a solitary survivor on the face of an Earth on fire.

Philip narrates parts of his story, and other parts are Philip reacting in situ, a good combination for their occasional bursts of sharp tension. What took me in about Nora was Nora herself, a woman who is producing this podcast so you can know her weird encounters. Urban strangeness and investigative fiction go well when hand-in-hand and the story of the vanishing building has sparked my interest.

We always need more urban fantasy, and this podcast about supernatural investigators in the modern era is as classic as they come: Weird creatures, rescuing people from their impossible situations, with a heavy dose of snide remarks and dry sarcasm. I definitely jumped in surprise more than once in the teasers leading up to its first episode. We talked about Everything is Alive in a recent newsletter , but it bears repeating: this improvised show from Radiotopia and Ian Chillag has blown me out of the water.

There is both humor and introspection to be found here, and some dramatic moments that could never be recreated. Children three that nestle near,.

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Support our work and join our community by becoming a member. Sign in. The Huber family Pacherhof started the ball rolling, then, step by step, more and more producers began to bottle their own wines. The Nineties marked the real viticulturist revival with small, yet not tiny, wineries the average number of hectares per company is one and a half.

They each embarked on the road to independence, bearing gifts of authenticity, adherence to the territory and to their own existence.

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Stories of men and vineyards, each one different to the other. The wines, created by younger generations enjoy contemporaneity and go straight to the mark. The vines? Mainly kerner There are, however, also some red grape varieties, especially in the south of the area behind Bolzano, with zweigelt 4. The peculiarity of the Isarco Valley mosaic gives the wines, which do not expand, greater verticality. In fact, they surge towards the peaks. And, let me just say, thank goodness for that: letting wines of such particular identity escape, and at their truly honest price, would be foolish.

Cantina Valle Isarco Armin Gratl, manager of Eisacktaler Kellerei and President of EisacktalWein, placid and affable but with a decisive manner, hides the enthusiasm of youth behind his smile. For five years, he has been managing the youngest cooperative winery in Alto Adige, founded in There are members on hectares, located between Bolzano and Varna. Production reaches , bottles.

Hannes Munter, after a few years working alongside the historical oenologist, Thomas Dorfmann, has been head oenologist since May It should be said that the Aristos selection, a single-grape line produced for the first time in , which uses several grapes selected at low yields, together with the most important line, Sabiona, produced only in the best years from the plot at the foot of the homonymous abbey-convent , are making their way stylistically. Of course, was not a lucky year: between drought, frost and hail, one third of the production perished.

The Kerner and Sylvaner from the Sabiona line, made from year-old vines, are those that stand out from all the others due to their elegance, balance and depth. Cantina Valle Isarco Loc. Coste 50 Chiusa BZ tel. They climb up from to metres on soils that are prevalently shale-quartziferous. The air here is peaceful and calm, with goats, an almost frozen mountain and the vineyards in the background: a relaxing bucolic picture. After a rumbling interval with legendary Harley-Davidsons, without ever neglecting the activities of the farmstead where he grew up, he took his decision in and began production, breaking away from his role as a provider for Cantina Sociale Valle Isarco.

In reality, wine was already being produced for family use but the step had to be taken towards total autonomy. Among other things, he was the first to plant pinot nero in the Isarco valley, later to be joined by others pinot nero makes the heart beat like true love and is always yearned for. Christian Kerschbaumer. Christian knows what he wants, you can see it from the details: organically certified since , in the last four years he has also been experimenting biodynamic techniques; lengthy refining on fine dregs and in wood for late bottling July-August ; local yeasts; spontaneous fermentation; malolactic fermentation; steel as well as oak barrels but other containers are also being tested ; glass corks; simple and essential logo.

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The wines tasted were almost all from the unfortunate here too, frost and hail with losses of between forty and seventy per cent. A different year for the truly enjoyable pinot nero , pure fruit and synaesthetic drink.

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And yet, the wines manage to reflect that interior light that characterizes them, always slow to express themselves, but able to capture you over time. Delicate, reserved. They are to be waited for, then they penetrate within. Our favourite glass of all was the Sylvaner , with that slightly smoky nose, that touch of aromatic herbs and that vital thrust, that core of sylvan life that elegantly but tenaciously engulfs you.

Garlider Untrum 20 Velturno BZ tel. Sun, light and a tepid daily breeze from the lake, Ora, contrasting with the chilly evening wind from the Dolomites. It cannot be ascribed to the wine area of Bolzano, nor to the classic Isarco Valley, which enjoys higher temperatures on average and a different varietal image. Gumphof is a bit of a Middle Earth: and Markus Prackwieser fits the part of Gandalf well, both for his indisputable talent as a vine-dresser and for that curious and wise spirit that animates his way of doing everything for the sake of beauty and good.

He is certainly not lacking in energy and, even if he looks a little like his sprightly ninety-year-old father, who busies himself around the old farmstead here and there, we can be happy in the idea of enjoying his Bacchic creatures for a long time to come. He began bottling his dreams in Five hectares with some vines that are forty-years-old. They are also affected by a lingering history: the Prackweisers have owned Gumphof since The farm complex has been mentioned since The wines, however, are the children of a bright and crystal-clear present. Precise, territorial, respectful of the typicality of this unique place.

Stylistically they are clear, deep, with a surprising persistence of purity. It is astounding how they call for more tasting due to a sapid salinity, vital dynamism, solid structure that is never too imposing and just slightly one step behind the freshness of the pulpy fruit. The oak is managed in an extremely balanced manner to help the wines last, as we were able to understand from a white pinot Riserva Renaissance that unveils the elegance of a champion. It is difficult to choose a favourite. The white pinot Praesilus would be a wine to take home for how it manages to entwine structure and juicy salinity with a lively and profound finale; but also the sauvignon Praesulis , with those hints of elderberry, exotic fruit and its tapered, stinging and intimately elegant stride… to then leave us stranded with that vibrant drink, to look beyond the horizon.

Taschlerhof Peter Wachtler is also part of that group of vine-dressers born around the Seventies, who had the same education that is, the agriculture school in Laimburg and who grew up together with the mutual ideal of disassociating their farmsteads from the cooperatives. They had an internal incentive and the pride to create wines that would speak the language of their land.

In general, although all of them produce few bottles more or less between 25, and 80,, with the exception of Pacherhof who manages to make , , they are certainly authorial. We are in Mahr, an enclave already famous two hundred years ago for its wine vocation, which can also be seen by the vineyards immortalized in the yellowed photographs hanging in the winery that Wachler shares with his renowned neighbour, Peter Pliger Kuen Hof , one of the first to go solo and follow his own creation. Peter Wachtler.

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The vineyards three self-owned and two rented are all around the modern wood, glass and slate winery with its essential design. They rise from to metres, surrounded by woods and facing south-east, all terraced and tidied up in Peter, who has been filling the bottles since , interprets the warm slopes in Mahr with a slightly higher yield and different harvesting moments. The wine-producer pours the wines and tells his story always with a friendly smile and apparently good-natured ease that does not, however, hide the sharp determination of a careful and evaluative character.

Slow in expressing itself, it reaches an impressive complexity and broadness together with a salty note that has a bearing on the sip.

Taschlerhof Mahr Bressanone BZ tel. How many families have worked around here over the years!

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One of his two youngest sons already wants to lend his father a hand among the vines. He was one of the first to start and mark the way for the others.

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He concludes with the world as it was before, made of grapes sold to the cooperative and a barn they even had the most productive cow. New vines were re-planted, implementing vineyards and winery. Now there are five and a half hectares of self-owned vineyards and four and a half rented but personally cultivated at about metres, on terrains of underlying slate and granite with a surface blend of gravel and morainic sand.

The hands of someone who knows his own winegrowing craft. Only part of what he knows, of what he experiments, of what he tastes emerges on the outside for the world also with the wine-making Trio, with Markus Prackwieser and Christian Plattner.

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His look is karstic, you can see that he is an introvert, someone who looks at the essence of things. Even in his courtesy, he finds it hard to be captivating and warm. His ways are of a person of character, sometimes grouchy, and it is hard to know what he is thinking. We also find him in his wines, never round, with an admirable righteousness, beaded with sapid veins and fresh-acid impulses that make you sit up straight. I would like to thank him for the generous and heavenly overview of his wines.

All of his wines, always in respect of the varietal, are able to get under your skin and touch your most intimate cords. The profound emotion that engulfs you from top to toe, that leaves you speechless because your body is vibrating like a tuning fork, comes with the riesling A masterpiece. Natural complexity, a flavour of harmonized fruit in pure rigour and energy that drags on to the very end. Looking, between the orchids, out of the window, you can see the Plose mountain and the vineyards. In any case, it is freezing cold outside and we would catch our death going round the vineyards.

We are seven hundred metres high in one of the oldest farmsteads, built over a thousand years ago, even before Novacella Abbey, which is just a few kilometres lower down from here.

The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)
The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)
The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)
The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)
The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)
The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)
The Solitary Child (Bello) The Solitary Child (Bello)

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