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Contents About. Volume 1. By: Andrew Pettegree. Publication Date: 21 Sep Volume 2.

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By: Michiel van Groesen. Publication Date: 06 Feb Editor s : Richard Gameson. Publication Date: 28 Feb Volume 3. By: Jill Bradley. Publication Date: 31 Jul Volume 5. By: Hilmar Pabel. Editor s : Michael B. Publication Date: 17 Sep Volume 7. By: Cornelis Andriesse.

Selected Papers on Sixteenth-Century Typefaces. By: Hendrik Vervliet. Publication Date: 30 Nov Essays in the History of the Early Modern Book. By: Ian Maclean.


Publication Date: 17 Jun Books and their Readers in Provincial Scotland, By: Mark Towsey. Publication Date: 24 Sep By: Hendrik Edelman. Volume Publication Date: 01 Jan Publication Date: 07 Dec By: Matthew Yeo. Publication Date: 10 May By: Malcolm Walsby. Publication Date: 09 Jun By: Gina Dahl.

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Publication Date: 12 Jul Print in Transition in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Editor s : Malcolm Walsby and Graeme Kemp. Authors, Books, and the Transmission of Jewish Learning. By: Stephen G. Publication Date: 06 Jan Publication Date: 22 Jun By: Freyja Cox Jensen. Publication Date: 03 Aug Editor s : Benito Rial Costas. Publication Date: 09 Nov Popular Print and Politics in the Netherlands By: Michel Reinders.

Publication Date: 28 Jan Translation, Print and Culture in Britain, Editor s : Sara K.

Barker and Brenda M. By: David J.

Ideologies of the Written Word

Publication Date: 15 Feb Editor s : Eyal Poleg and Laura Light. Publication Date: 13 May By: Paul Valkema Blouw. Editor s : Paul Dijstelberge and A. Croiset van Uchelen. Publication Date: 03 Jun By: Angela Nuovo. By: Domenic Leo. Publication Date: 09 Aug Inventories and Catalogues in Manuscript and Print.

Editor s : Malcolm Walsby and Natasha Constantinidou. Publication Date: 14 Oct By: Arianne Baggerman.

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  • Itinerant Distribution Networks in England and the Netherlands By: Jeroen Salman. Transnational Print Cultures in Scandinavia By: Wolfgang Undorf. Publication Date: 07 Apr By: Berthold Kress. Publication Date: 12 May A Bibliography. By: Paul Begheyn SJ. By: Paul Arblaster. Publication Date: 10 Jun Currents and Connections. Editor s : Simon Davies and Puck Fletcher. Publication Date: 07 Jul Manuscript to Proof and Print in the Fifteenth Century.

    By: Lotte Hellinga. Publication Date: 12 Aug Editor s : Richard Kirwan and Sophie Mullins. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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    Show more. Show less. Using the thesaurus. Close What are red words?

    Close Thesaurus. Relating to writing and editing: authorial , authorship , censorship Explore Thesaurus. Voldemorting deliberately avoiding the use of a particular name or keyword, especially on social media BuzzWord Article.

    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word
    The Written Word The Written Word

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